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Far Off on the Horizon

We have a way of looking ahead to things that bring us joy, holding on to the prospect of good feelings yet to happen. Preparing our favorite meals, awaiting inbound packages, and scheduling upcoming events keep many of us energized for days to come. Some people live for their birthday. Time away from commitments, celebrations aplenty, and a chance to just pamper one's self can give a huge boost to our spirits.

In the hymn Savior of the Nations, Come, the lyrics give glory to God for Jesus who is yet come to us. His mother Mary gets the slightest bit of recognition and then we're back to the power, might, and majesty of the babe born in the barn. From humble beginnings do we receive the great gift of grace. Before us lies pain and uncertainty but ahead of us is the healer, the savior, the Son. We look forward to tomorrow, far off on the horizon in hopes of seeing past the troubles we face today.

But we can often miss seeing God among us if we look too far ahead.

The one who opens our hearts to care for those in need is still the one we place our trust in for the age to come. The one who walks with us through the valley of the shadow of death is also with us in the throes of pain in the emergency department. I've learned this anecdotally from others and first-hand this year.

This year has been particularly hard for a number of reasons. One of which is living through a time where we need contact with others to keep us steady yet physical distance—among other practices—will keep us safer. We look forward to the end of this unusual time, but we shouldn't miss the grace offered right in our midst. Where is God at work right here and now? How is God inviting you to be present in this time? May we welcome the Lord into our hearts and find the joy in front of us, the opportunities for the Spirit of God to use us as instruments of peace, now and in times yet to come.

With Christmas before us and Advent around us, we pray, "Come, Lord Jesus, come."


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