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Our Story

First Presbyterian Church of Trenton began in 1712 as a gathering of Presbyterians in the greater Trenton, NJ area. Over the past 300 years, the church has seen many changes both to its buildings and to the surrounding community. In the timeline below, you can explore moments of historical significance for the congregation, including visitations by key revolutionary and government officials and many additions and renovations to our various properties.

Stained Glass
Praying Together
History: About


The Church is Chartered

This period marks the charter and beginning of the church


A New Bell, A New Building

The 19th century brought many significant changes to the community, including the creation of the church building that is still used today.


Renovations and New Life

During this period, the church obtained many properties in the area. More recently, we restored the old steeple bell to its former glory.

A Racial History of First Presbyterian Church of Trenton

Past and Present

This report is a compilation of research about the history of FPCT and interviews with its members, neighbors, clergy, and partners in ministry. The research was supported by RISE (Recognizing  Inequities and  Standing for Equality).

History: List
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