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Renovations and New Life


1901-Present: Renovations and New Life: About


Sunday School and meeting rooms on the first floor are renovated.


The Presbytery of New Brunswick erected a monument in the cemetery to Presbyterian Minister, Rev. John Rosborough, who was killed in 1777 by Hessian troops in Trenton after he had surrendered during the first battle of Trenton and who is buried in the cemetery.


The church was designated, “The Capitol Church of the Synod of New Jersey,” by the Presbyterian Synod on October, 25.


Fellowship Hall erected.


Top portion of the steeple removed after it was damaged in a hurricane.


Pastor’s study erected.


Purchase of 109 and 121 E. Hanover Street.


Purchase and renovation of 117 E. Hanover Street.


Purchase of 111 and 113 E. Hanover Street.

Installation of new spire atop the steeple after original steeple was damaged in a hurricane.


Purchase of 123 E. Hanover Street.


Purchase of 115 E. Hanover Street.


Installation of a new 3 Manual, 76 Rank, 4,418 Pipe Organ built by Robert M. Turner of Turner and Associates of Hopewell. Turner also built the organ in the Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church, Lawrenceville, New Jersey and The Church of the Holy Family (The United Nations Parish), New York City.


Renovation of exterior by Charles I. Newman, a specialist in the preservation of masonry. Loose paint was removed, wire mesh reinforcing was installed, Sonneborn Super Colorcoat was added, the brownstone was cleaned, mortar joints were rejoined and the entrance steps were realigned.


Renovations to 111, 113, and 115 for use by the Trenton Academy.


A mural, “After the Crossing”  by Ilia Barger of Lambertville was installed on the parking lot side of the church near Hanover Street. The mural was commissioned by the Trenton Downtown Association in conjunction with the Church.


The ringing mechanism of the 1807 bell was repaired and the bell is heard again in Trenton after an absence of at least 30 years. See a powerpoint about the history of the bell. Also see the Jersey Matters TV piece on the bell.

1901-Present: Renovations and New Life: List
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